Max Strength Training Program - Squat


Max Strength Training Program - Squat

This program is designed to help you attain maximum result in your training through providing structured progression. To complete this program you should have full access to a conventional fitness facility as well as any necessary equipment (IE. Machines, Kettlebells,  Dumbbells & Barbells).


The focus of this program is to develop max strength. This program is not for those who have current injuries or are not confident with over stimulus due to max style lifting. Each week you will be either hitting or within 5% of a max lift and each week you will be asked to increase that max. Please ensure that you approach this program with the utmost of confidence but also understand you will fail multiple times before the end of the 12 week period…in fact if you have not failed at least once, it was not your true max.

Remember when maximum lifting unlike when training your form may deteriorate the closer you get to your peak. This is absolutely normal and should not deter you from continuing to push through the programming. The only time we advise you to stop is when injury is imminent. As a last point, feel free to take a deload week any week during this program to ensure you do not hit too many plateaus back to back.

As a compliment to the training protocol we recommend that you apply at least 20 minutes of warm up (30-40 on 90-95% days) (joint mobility and dynamic stretching) as well as 20-30 minutes of cool down (static strength and release techniques). You will also need to combine at least 1 day of cardiovascular training of your choice to ensure there is good relative balance in your program. We would suggest something low impact to start as the load from the training will take a few weeks to adjust to. Without these principles it will not be possible to attain your maximum result.

*This program is meant to be completed with several days of programmed rest.

**If you DO NOT hit a specified lift on a particular week. DO NOT raise the percentage the following week. Your goal is to have completed a TRUE max squat by the end of the program.

***You are welcome to submit video of your progression for analysis of your movement/technique for feedback twice a month

Please forward and questions you may have directly to us at

1. Non-refundable or transferable – Under no condition may your commitment to this program be refunded or transferred to another party

2. By purchasing this program you remove onlythestrongINC for all liability associated with its implementation. Furthermore you are considered a willing participant and accept full responsibility for any concerns which may arise


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