OTS Exercise Specialist Certification Course


The objective of the OTS Exercise Specialist Certification is to develop a high level skill set in personal trainers through our guided methodology to transcend and optimize proficiency in their craft. Our goal is to deliver both a theoretical and practical protocol which can be implemented for immediate results. Our diverse team of educators will give personal trainers various perspectives of the dynamic and ever-changing industry and give them assurance to tackle the industry head on. This course will give you the confidence to present and utilize a clear system to progress your client from day one to goal attainment regardless of their fitness level. Remember information can never be substituted for education. In order to learn this material you must utilize high levels of repetition and execution.

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OTS Exercise Specialist Certification Course - April 2nd - 4th 2021 / Location: OTS Etobicoke
Location OTS Etobicoke - 80 Park Lawn Rd
OTS Exercise Specialist Certification Course - July 16th - 18th 2021 / Location: OTS Beaches
$649.00 $549.00
Location OTS Etobicoke - 1064 Kingston Rd

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  • 8am – 6pm
  • 8am – 6pm
  • 8am – 6pm

What You Will Learn

  • Developing an effective assessment protocol
  • Develop an effective protocol of action dependant upon result
  • Exercise & Weight Training Concepts
  • How to identify movement imbalances & pain parameters
  • How to customize routinized training to compliment your findings
  • Proficiency in mobility toolkit
  • Proficiency in stability toolkit
  • Coaching & Cueing parameters for all exercise types
  • Program design for beginner, intermediate and advanced clientele
  • Common program design errors
  • Periodization mastery for beginner, intermediate and advanced clientele

*The course breakdown is 30% theory and 70% practical*


Price Includes

  • OTS ES: Assessment & Rehabilitation Protocol Certification
  • OTS ES: Program Design & Training Protocol Certification
  • 1 Exercise Specialist Manual
  • 1 OTS Myofascial Trigger Point Tool
  • 1 OTS Branded T-Shirt (Unisex)

Certification Requirements

To earn the OTS Exercise Specialist Certification, you must successfully complete all components of the OTS program:

  • 30 Hours In-Class
  • Three Theoretical Evaluations
  • Three Aptitude Evaluations

Upon Completion of both evaluations, you will be issued an OTS Exercise Specialist Course Certificate.
Completion of this Certification will allow you to become insurable as a Personal Trainer.

Continuing Education Credits (CECs)


  • 8 CECs
    • OTS ES: Assessment & Rehabilitation Protocol (4 CECs)
    • OTS ES: Program Design & Training Protocol (4 CECs)


*All topics subject to change*

Day 1

  • Personal Training Covenant
  • Where does Personal Training Fit in the industry?
  • Scope of Practice & the evolution of the role
  • How to be competitive in the industry?
  • Course Takeaway
  • Muscular anatomy and its relationship to fitness (Locate, Palpate, Facilitate)
  • Skeletal anatomy and its relationship to fitness
  • Fascial Systems and its relationship to fitness
  • How to train each structure
  • Stretch Protocol (Static, Dynamic, PNF)
  • Mobility Protocol
  • Stability Protocol

Day 2

  • Weight Training Protocol
  • Coaching Protocol for optimal client experience
  • Progression, Regression & Modification
  • What ‘Pain’ Really means?
  • Troubleshooting Warm-up protocol for minor injury
  • Troubleshooting Training protocol for minor injury
  • Troubleshooting Cool Down protocol for minor injury
  • Coaching Protocol – Non Negotiables
  • Passive, Active, Complex Movement Sequences
  • Passive exercise programming
  • Active exercise programming
  • Complex exercise programming
  • Lymph Nodes & their effect on training

Day 3

    • OTS baseline assessment Protocol
    • What should an assessment tell us?
    • How to make your assessment relatable?
    • Maximizing Assessment results
    • The power of the reassessment
    • How to know if your assessment is any good?
    • Program design for (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
    • Program design for (Elderly, Injured, Obese)
    • Periodization for (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
    • Periodization for (Elderly, Injured, Obese)
    • Periodization for (Strength, Endurance, Hypertrophy)
    • Five Fatal Flaws
    • The value of an Exercise Specialist




Completion of this registration confirms you are in complete understanding and agreement of Terms & Conditions below


  1. Non-refundable or transferable – Under no condition may your commitment to this program be refunded
  2. Transfer Fee – In order to apply transfer your registration, this must be done at least 72 hours before the course. If you are approved, your transfer will be placed in the next available course in the calendar year. After this time period you will not receive a transfer opportunity. The transfer fee is $75+HST
  3. You will be subject to exposure to media for promotional purposes (EX. Video & Pictures). Please be aware that this media will be used for future promotional usage in association with onlythestrongINC education.
  4. You must complete payment of all educational offers before the commitment in order to attend. Any late or deferred payment will be subject to a 5% administrative fee (of total commitment) each day past due.
  5. You MUST save a method of payment if you intend of using a payment plan option.
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