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The objective of the OTS Exercise Specialist Certification is to develop a high level skill set in personal trainers through our guided methodology to transcend and optimize proficiency in their craft. Our goal is to deliver both a theoretical and practical protocol which can be implemented for immediate results. Our diverse team of educators will give personal trainers various perspectives of the dynamic and ever-changing industry and give them assurance to tackle the industry head on. This course will give you the confidence to present and utilize a clear system to progress your client from day one to goal attainment regardless of their fitness level. Remember information can never be substituted for education. In order to learn this material you must utilize high levels of repetition and execution.

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OTS Exercise Specialist Virtual Course - Virtual Course

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What You Will Learn

Developing an effective assessment protocol
Develop an effective protocol of action dependant upon result
Exercise & Weight Training Concepts
How to identify movement imbalances & pain parameters
How to customize routinized training to compliment your findings
Proficiency in mobility toolkit
Proficiency in stability toolkit
Coaching & Cueing parameters for all exercise types
Program design for beginner, intermediate and advanced clientele
Common program design errors
Periodization mastery for beginner, intermediate and advanced clientele


Nationally Accreditation allows our certification is recognized by the largest education bodies in the country. Upon completion you can rest assured that you will have received the Gold Standard of education.

The virtual certification has been optimized to ensure you are able to take away an experience from home that parallels the in-class dynamic. With multiple streams of practical opportunity, you will be set up to thrive in an in-house setting.

The virtual certification is most unique because it is easily attainable for anyone with an interest in health and wellness. Our ‘interest free’ payment options will allow you to reserve a spot at any time and then continue to complete payment at your own pace.

Hundreds of students have attended our acclaimed courses, workshops, lectures and seminars. Join one of the most professional organizations to North America to learn everything you need to create a long standing career in a competitive industry.

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Week 1
 Course Opens, Business of Personal Training, Competitive Practice and Principles, Introduction to systems & Structures.

Week 2 System mastery, Manual Testing, Training Protocol, Pain Management

Week 3 → Troubleshooting minor injury, Coaching Protocol, Movement Sequences, Exercise Prescription

Week 4 → Bulletproofing the assessment, analyzing assessment result, Proficiency in Program Design, Periodization Principles & practices, How to guarantee success in the industry, Course Concludes

*Subject to modification or change

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Module 1

Personal Training Covenant
Where does Personal Training Fit in the industry?
Scope of Practice & the evolution of the role
How to be competitive in the industry?
Course Takeaway
Muscular anatomy and its relationship to fitness (Locate,  Palpate, Facilitate)
Skeletal anatomy and its relationship to fitness
Fascial Systems and its relationship to fitness
How to train each structure
Stretch Protocol (Static, Dynamic, PNF)
Mobility Protocol
Stability Protocol

Module 2

Weight Training Protocol
Coaching Protocol for optimal client experience
Progression, Regression & Modification
What ‘Pain’ Really means
Troubleshooting Warm-up protocol for minor injury
Troubleshooting Training protocol for minor injury
Troubleshooting Cool Down protocol for minor injury
Coaching Protocol – Non Negotiables
Passive, Active, Complex Movement Sequences
Passive exercise programming
Active exercise programming
Complex exercise programming
Lymph Nodes & their effect on training

Module 3

OTS baseline assessment Protocol
What should an assessment tell us?
How to make your assessment relatable?
Maximizing Assessment results
The power of the reassessment
How to know if your assessment is any good?
Program design for (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
Program design for (Elderly, Injured, Obese)
Periodization for (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
Periodization for (Elderly, Injured, Obese)
Periodization for (Strength, Endurance, Hypertrophy)
Five Fatal Flaws
The value of an Exercise Specialist

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One OTS Exercise Specialist Manual
One OTS Exercise Specialist Prep Document
One OTS Exercise Specialist T-Shirt
OTS Mobility Tool
→ 40 Hours Certification Course
→ Eight Theoretical Evaluations
→ Eight Aptitude Evaluations
One Final Evaluation

Upon Completion of the organizational standards, you will be issued an OTS Exercise Specialist Course Certificate.

*All course registration material will be issued upon 50% of course payment

8 CECs
→ OTS ES: Assessment & Rehabilitation Protocol (4 CECs)
→ OTS ES: Program Design & Training Protocol (4 CECs)

Certified Exercise Specialist 

→ OTS ES: Assessment & Rehabilitation Protocol Certification
→ OTS ES: Program Design & Training Protocol Certification

*Two year accreditation


With over 10 years of experience in both a training and teaching capacity Daniel brings a unique approach to the certification process. 

Detail driven and goal oriented, he will be sure to push you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to re-strategize how you think about all things health and wellness.



With half a decade of experience running her own private practice, Tatiana has built a reputation for herself as one of the best therapists in Toronto.

As a specialist in rehabilitative practice, her insights have helped create the world class OTS assessment protocol.

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