onlythestrongINC is all about sharing knowledge and bringing communities together around fitness, health and wellness. We wanted to take our experiences and put them all onto one platform. 

You can be assured that each fitness professional involved with our organization has been selected because of their dedication to a completely tailored experience to meet your needs and goals. You never have to worry about a “one-size-fits all” methodology.

The goal is to empower you to become the best possible you.

Program Options

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Emerge Program

  • Work with one of our Personal Trainers
  • 16 1-on-1 Training Sessions
  • Customized Individualized Program
  • Up to two full days of external programming
  • One re-assessment opportunity
  • Ask us about the TOP UP Incentive

Eclipse Program

  • Work with one of our Personal Trainers
  • 20 1-on-1 Training Sessions
  • Customized Individualized Program
  • Two full days of external programming
  • Two re-assessment opportunities
  • Ask us about the TOP UP Incentive

Elevate Program

  • Work with one of our Personal Trainers
  • 24 1-on-1 Training Sessions
  • Customized Individualized Program
  • Up to three full days of external programming
  • Three re-assessment opportunities
  • Ask us about the TOP UP Incentive

Excel Program

  • Work with our Exercise Specialist
  • 16 1-on-1 Training Sessions
  • Complimentary OTS Fast Start Nutrition Consultation
  • One re-assessment opportunity
  • Full access to our OTS Recover & Restore Program
  • Ask us about the TOP UP Incentive
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Meet our tEAM

Daniel Smith
Exercise Specialist

Health and wellness has been a focus of Daniel’s life from an early age. As a two-sport athlete at the collegiate level he excelled on both the basketball and football field. Soon after attending the Pro-Combine and dipping his foot in professional football waters he made a radical decision to pursue a career as a fitness professional.

Over a decade later, Daniel has crafted himself into a high level educator using not only his knowledge but persona to deliver information to the masses. As one of the top young fitness minds from the Toronto region, he has worked and excelled within both the corporate and private realms of the fitness industry. Relationship driven and client focused, his ability to relate to the goal through proper prescription and execution is unquestioned.

Through his passion for teaching Daniel has crafted onlythestrongINC to ensure that there is no limit to learning.

Tatiana Trigueros
Rehabilitation Facilitator

Tatiana began her passion for health and wellness as a graduate from the prestigious Kinesiology program at the University of Guelph. Shortly afterwards she continued her career as a full time personal trainer for several years before transitioning to the rehabilitation field.

As a soft tissue release specialist Tatiana has joined onlythestrongINC as the main contributor to the active and passive therapy category of health and wellness. She offers a style of treatment that incorporates a multidisciplinary approach to recovery.

Tatiana believes that pain is only a period not a sentence.

Tammy Dixon
Personal Trainer

With over fifteen years of experience in the fitness industry, Tammy has amassed multiple accomplishments as a fitness professional. None more important to her than her love for her four children. Through her dedication to ensuring she is there ever step of the way for her family, she has been able to develop a strong work ethic and commitment to continued health. As a lecturer, Tammy spends her spare time coaching and tutoring new Personal Trainers developing their hard and soft skills for greatness.

Kalman Fekete
Personal Trainer

With a strong passion for athletics Kalman began his career at a young age. Through aquatics he was able to realize his natural ability to utilize his body for the extraordinary. After great levels of time and commitment he was able to claim the distinction of a national level swimmer. 

After retiring from competition he transitioned into the art of Karate where he successfully completed his black belt. Through a series of setbacks and surgeries, he realized the importance of emphasizing proper form and rehabilitation as a foundation of training. It is now his goal to pass on what he has learned through lived experience to his clientele.

Vanessa Garcia
Personal Trainer

Vanessa has been on her fitness journey for close to a decade. As a mother of two, she began down the wellness path when she gained 50lbs in her first pregnancy. What started as a personal goal soon became a passion that has manifested itself into a calling.

Physical activity has not only helped her physique but it has allowed her to foster great mental strength. Personal growth has provided her with great appreciation of her position as a mother, a daughter and value as a person. Her mission is to help women learn to love themselves for their strength and find their inner confidence through the beauty of exercise. 

Jamie Fabroa
Office Manager

Jamie is the backbone of onlythestrongINC. Her effervescent flair and determination combine to make her an excellent gatekeeper. With many years of administrative experience, Jamie combines a personal passion for health and a rite of passage for service into a total package of administrative leadership. She will continue to handle all structural concerns for onlythestrongINC

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